5 Ways To Simplify Asset Logistics With mendrhub

Asset Logistics

Navigating the intricacies of logistics demands a solution that can seamlessly move and track your assets with ease. Making asset management simpler is a core tenet of mendrhub so we have ensured that our platform provides robust logistics capabilities.

Aside from supporting the shipment of assets through purchase order management, we support five different types of movements in our platform: 

  • Deliveries from warehouses to outlets
  • Pickups from outlets to warehouses
  • Site-to-site movements between two outlets
  • Warehouse transfers between two warehouses
  • Admin moves for correcting asset locations 

Each of these movements ensure that the system maintains an unbroken chain where all assets are accounted for at every moment. As an offshoot of a leading asset management company, we understand the pain points associated with asset logistics and mendrhub was designed as an ideal solution to them.

Here are just five of the ways mendrhub can simplify your logistics management. 

1. Track and move assets from your phone

Through the mendrhub client app, you can track and move your assets right from your phone. With pinpoint accuracy you have full visibility and control over your assets, ensuring a seamless and efficient operation. Our app also provides visibility of the availability of assets at your warehouses and customers locations giving you total transparency no matter where you are.

2. Complete audit oversight

Within our platform, rationally chained movements prevent inaccuracies in location updates. This unbroken chain not only enhances accuracy but also provides a complete audit log, letting you quickly identify and correct discrepancies and follow up with logistics providers or locations.

3. Efficient management of deliveries and pickups

Mendrhub allows users to request preferred times for deliveries and pickups and have logistics providers attach proof of delivery to verify that movements have been completed. Movement orders can also be placed for both single assets, multiple assets, parts or a combination of parts and assets. If the warehouse needs to skin an asset prior to delivery, this can be specified as well, creating a warehouse activity that will need to be completed before the delivery can take place.

This simplified process enhances overall operational efficiency and will leave you with happy customers.

4. Real-time notifications

Stay informed throughout the logistics journey with instant notifications delivered via SMS and email. All parties, from facilities to logistics providers, warehouse staff and location managers will receive useful updates and real-time information as the logistics status of a movement order update, making sure that all involved parties stay up-to-date and in the loop throughout every step of the logistics process.

5. Flexible supplier choices

Decouple and de-risk your logistics operations by setting up more than one logistics provider. This flexibility not only expands your reach but also allows for more convenient delivery times and effective cost control. You can more easily adapt to changing market dynamics and evolving needs, ensuring your logistics operations remain competitive and continue to attract clients.

From logistics to warehousing and service, mendrhub makes asset management simple and gives you your time back. Your customers will be glad you made the switch too.