Create and manage contracts for your customers, including the setting of performance targets and sell prices to meet any combination of service, logistics and storage requirements.

Configurable contracts

Configure both management or rental contracts for customers adopting either fixed cost or do & charge contract models that are applicable to any combination of service, logistics or storage requirements. 

Flexible price setting

Set up sell prices for service, logistics and warehousing for each customer, opt to pass through costs directly or add an additional dollar or percentage margin to cost and sell price.

Service level agreement tracking

Our flexible and easy-to-use SLA configuration tool lets you determine what to track, when to start tracking it and when to stop tracking it, set against either a target time or count. 

Align goals

Cater to all of your customer needs with the ability to create contracts for any situation, including the rental of assets, keeping your business goals aligned with those of your customer.


Hierarchical contracts allow you to configure only differentiated features of sub-contracts while linking all related contracts together for ease of access.


All SLA's set in contracts are automatically tracked against performance and reported on, providing you with complete visibility and allowing you to continuously improve on your operations.


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