meet our team

A diverse collection of highly motivated individuals, all working and growing alongside one another while in pursuit of the common goal of empowering our customers – mendrhub is a family that is always looking for the next challenge to overcome.

Richard Barel

Managing Director
Quick to a quip but even quicker to the root cause of a problem, Richard is a technology guru with a keen eye for business who navigates the tiring task of managing mendrhub without batting an eyelid. When not caressing his laptop or charming a mendrhub customer, Richard can be found knocking back a smokey whisky while envisioning the future of the mendrhub platform.
Glen Barkhan

Glen Barkhan

Founder & Executive Director
Possessed with a contagious passion for people and a lifetime of learning, Glen is a veteran entrepreneur with 38 years of experience in commercial refrigeration, food equipment and HVAC. He has a proud history of leading and inspiring teams to deliver value-add solutions and outstanding customer care supporting the Food, Beverage, FMCG, QSR and Hospitality industries.

Darryl Forbes

Chief Financial Officer
Over 20 years of finance and operations experience in the food and hospitality industry hasn't slowed Darryl down one bit. While not running rings around people on the soccer field or driving rings around unsuspecting sports cars on the track, Darryl has his hands full keeping mendrhub running smoothly with his exceptional talent for driving process improvement and providing financial support .

Sibo Zhang

Senior Developer
With a long history working with the mendrhub platform and having had a heavy hand in the development of many of its features, Sibo plays a pivotal role in both solution architecture and leading the development efforts that have been propelling mendrhub to ever greater heights.

Aseem Neupane

Coming from a strong development background, Aseem fits in like a glove at mendrhub and has brought with him his great programming and problem-solving skillset alongside a tasteful affinity for quality tv shows and an (arguably misled) obsession of all things Manchester Utd related.

Edward Webb

An enthusiastic software engineering student at UNSW, Ed is currently undertaking his internship at mendrhub and is loving working with the team. In his spare time Ed is an avid piano player and enjoys cycling with his family.

Kevin Rosenthal

Project Manager
As the team generalist, Kevin picks up the slack in whatever areas need attention, from managing any one of the myriad ongoing projects, to customer onboarding, analysis and content building. On days outside of work, he can be found creating and surrounding himself with music alongside his band.

Bianca Zammit

Customer Success Consultant
Bianca has over 7 years of experience with customer care and what it means to provide world class customer service. Her expertise has been invaluable in helping to guide mendrhub as a solution that works not just for companies, but for individuals who engage the platform every single day.

Bella Rolls

Onboarding & Customer Success
With first-hand familiarity of the mendrhub platform and extensive experience in food and equipment service, Bella understands the challenges of moving to a new software platform and helps bring our customers up to speed quickly, supporting them until they are comfortable using mendrhub to its full potential.

Mellissa Bennett

Account Manager
An impossibly positive person, Mellissa helps manage our customers accounts while also acting as our go-to organiser for any mendrhub events thanks to her natural penchant for getting things done.

Mendrub Advisors

Cathy Goodwin

Industry Advisor
Cathy is infamous in the food service industry. She is known for the depth and breadth of her knowledge of the equipment and operational best practices, as well as her track record of getting things done. Her expertise has helped shape and focus mendrhub to best fulfill the industry's requirements.

David Kupka

Refrigeration, Food & HVAC Equipment Technical Expert
A qualified technician and engineer with over 32 years of experience, David is well renowned in service circles and seemingly knows all there is to know about servicing commercial equipment. Working with mendrhub, David advises on all technical aspects of the business, triage, training, service and technical operations.

Mendrhub Directors

John Studdert

John has extensive experience in both privately owned and publicly listed companies. Having built and sold his own international services company, John then led Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide as the Australian CEO and Chairman. John has since focused on personally investing in privately owned technology and service companies helping them scale up and grow domestically and internationally. Today John is involved in 20 companies as an investor, director, chairman and/or advisor.

Dave Warneke

A very experienced Senior Executive, Company Director and Private Investor, with experience across a variety of industries, including Information Technology, Financial Services, Tourism, Professional Services, Food Equipment and Mining. He has held Chief Executive Officer, Managing Partner and Asia Pacific Executive roles in the IT and Professional Services industries as well as Executive, Non-executive and Advisory Board positions in Australian privately owned businesses, ASX listed businesses, as well as local Boards of globally listed and joint venture companies.

Neil Archer

A high achieving Partner at Horton Rhodes Lawyers, Neil specialises in both commercial litigation and corporate/commercial transactions with particular expertise in executive employment disputes (including restraint of trade injunctions), D&O insurance and shareholder agreements. Neil's previous experience includes acting as the General Council of Cap Gemini Enrst & Young.