Manage assets, branding and parts on hand with live visibility from any device using mendrhub’s warehousing module.

Warehouse management

Track stock availability and asset condition in real-time and structure inward and outward-bound warehouse activities to ensure units are prepared for site placement and graded correctly.

Warehouse repairs

Manage all warehouse activities from the mendrhub platform, including refurbishment, repair, decommissioning and disposal, keeping your assets in optimal condition and lowering your service costs.

Business outcome tracking

Track warehouse and storage against business outcomes to keep your team operating at peak performance.

Reduce costs

Reduce storage costs and increase utilisation by allocating assets in demand and disposing of uneconomical assets.

Optimise your fleet

Make smarter decisions focused on optimising your fleet in line with business outcomes using our powerful data analytics.

Fleet balancing

Track stock availability in real-time and make distribution decisions based on where your assets are most needed.


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