Mendrhub has been designed from the get-go with a flexible, event-driven architecture to seamlessly fit into any business ecosystem and minimise disruptions while providing maximum gain.


Our open API lets you easily connect mendrhub to your existing ERP and CRM platforms, allowing data to sync in both directions. This simplifies system management for employees, enables process automation and augments every system’s capabilities. 


With ready-made integration connections to your accounting platform of choice, managing your billing has never been easier. 

Internet of Things

Integrate any existing IoT platform with mendrhub to take advantage of mendrhub’s asset-centric design and process automation alongside the insights and predictivity provided by a continuous flow of data from a web of asset sensors.

Data Integrity

Support a single source of truth with integrations eliminating data overlaps and errors across your systems.


Enable process automation across different systems.

Data Consistency

Keep data consistent across all your systems by minimising the need for manual re-entry.


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