Value Add Partners

With mendrhub’s open, modular design, ease of integration and our comprehensive asset management capability, we are a perfect fit to augment value add partner’s core offerings.

IoT providers

Whether offering connected sensors and analytics or a full IoT ecosystem, dedicated IoT platform providers can extend their capabilities and put their real-time live streaming data to action utilising mendrhub for asset and logistics management.

Integration partners

With our comprehensive asset management platform and unique ability to accommodate critical, movable assets, mendrhub can generate powerful synergies when integrated with customers CRM, ERP and Accounting platforms.

Enterprise resource planning

Webhooks and an open API make connecting your ERP platform with mendrhub a breeze and extend your platforms core capabilities to encompass a comprehensive asset management suite.

“mendrhub has revolutionized our service delivery business and improved our customer’s experience.”

Joseph Farah
General Manager, Middleby Australia

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Here are some of the great brands using the mendrhub platform.


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